The Bent Willow

Here at The Bent Willow we are committed to serving our community in its spiritual needs. You will enjoy our metaphysical & healing space that offers a variety of services along with the largest selection of crystals and unique products to help you on your spiritual journey in Durham. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or well on your way to a higher consciousness, our peaceful and calming space will nurture your soul. We will support you in your spiritual growth by providing meditations, hand selected items, yoga, workshops and provide all the tools to help you navigate forward on your spiritual path. 


What sets The Bent Willow apart from most other stores is that it supports local artists and local business. Community is everything and we work hard to support where we live.  

Our mission here at The Bent Willow is to make everyone feel welcome and create a community for spiritually minded beings to connect, laugh, heal and grow. Pull up a chair and have an organic tea with your willow family and pull a card from the sample Oracle, Tarot or Affirmation decks to discover a message the universe has for you. Our community is growing everyday and is filled with such love and light. 



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