Peppermint Absolute is the minty-est mint tea there ever has been! Our Peppermint Absolute is a natural, wild-growing pure peppermint tea free of any pesticides or flavorings, it includes rolled whole leaf and large stem pieces.

Peppermint tea is an herbal tea classic; it has a pure, soothing and rejuvenating flavor full of natural oils! Its strong flavor and fragrant aroma, are due to the naturally high levels of menthol preserved in the leaf after it is dried.

Peppermint Absolute’s dry leaf is incredibly fragrant, the cooling menthol oils will soothe even before you start to steep it! At first sip, the bold, “cool” pure peppermint taste is incomparable- with a long-lasting freshness that fills your entire mouth. Its flavor is spicy, aromatic, cooling and fresh. Some of the health properties of peppermint tea are its throat soothing benefit, digestion relief, calming stomach inflammation, and prevents diarrhea. Peppermint also prevents gas, bloat, and indigestion!

Drink up and enjoy the mightiest mint tea available.

Peppermint Absolute

50 Grams