In Japan, cherry blossom season is looked forward to and celebrated by all, it is a beautiful time of year when the blossoms unfurl and release their fresh aroma and delicate beauty. Japan celebrates with sakura flavored treats, sakura adorned yukata, and even sakura viewing parties! Our Oriental Cherry Oolong is a fragrant sakura scented rose and cherry flavored blend that is sure to delight, and help you take part of the beloved sakura season!

The dry leaf has a fragrant floral cherry aroma, once steeped, the golden liquid releases a powdery sweet fragrance. Close your eyes and enjoy your first sip- let it take you under a lush sakura or 'ume' tree in full bloom! First a natural cherry taste envelops your senses, then it fades to a powdery sakura floral taste all balanced over a gentle fresh oolong.

Enjoy our Oriental Cherry Oolong with friends for your very own “Hanami” (sakura blossom viewing) party of your own, any season! 

Oriental Cherry Oolong

50 Grams