Refreshing sweet lemons and soothing ginger are beautifully paired in an inspired herbal blend. Imagine an afternoon stroll around a natural French meadow; so peaceful, green, and enchanting! We are proud to offer this restful herbal blend inspired by just that- natural beauty, an invitation to step away from the everyday stresses of life.

Rooibos-based French Lemon Ginger has a strong, pleasantly sweet lemon flavor, with hints of lemon verbena, that are complimented by the mild gingery kick and naturally “vanilla-like” rooibos. Ginger boasts its digestive and upset stomach healing qualities! A cup of ginger tea will soothe discomfort, and provide quick relief for an ill-feeling stomach, and this French Lemon Ginger does that in the most comforting, and delicious way!

French Lemon Ginger

50 Grams