Dolly is a Certified Professional Master Tarot Card Reader, Usui Reiki Master, Registered Yoga teacher Tea leaf reader, Indian head massage.  A Certified Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner, Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment Practitioner  also known as   C.C.M.B.A  Dolly has over 30 years of experience in reading and teaching tarot.

Dolly creates a unique and individual connection with each person she does a reading for or any energy work. Using clairaudience, vibration, symbols as well as different types of card layouts, depending on the question asked or time available or special occasion. Dolly offers a range of energy work: meditation, Reiki, Chakras Balancing, Pendulum Reading, dream interruption, mentoring. Reiki and Tarot Share, Yoga class, monthly meetings are safe places to meet other like-minded folks and share our experiences


Meet The Facilitators

Every moment is an opportunity for awakening


I would like to introduce myself and give a little information about my spiritual journey. 

I have since a very young age, been connected to the universe. I recall in my earliest days as a child my family visited a show and there was a booth set up to take a picture of our Aura. I laughed to myself in slight confusion when they showed us the image. I could already see this without a camera. Aura and energy is what I now consider to be vibrations and were always apart of my vision. I never thought anything of it as it was my normal. 


Intuition I later learned had always been a part of me. I never really believed in readings or anything like it. I felt it rather taboo and even fraudulent. That all changed with my first deck of cards. The cards literally sang to me in an overwhelming fashion. The vibrations and colours emanating from them was extraordinary. At first I couldn't understand it but after listening and learning the tones I was able to communicate and connect to the energies around me.


The Bent Willow in Oshawa became my second home and with their blessings, I started sharing what I consider a gift. I later found that what I had to offer, with no ego involved, had been passed down through my family. This makes me known as what is called a legacy reader. It was almost as if the universe, vibrations and messages finally made sense. I learned through my family the art of Candle Wax Readings, Aura, Vibration and Oracle Card Readings. 

Every Wednesday evening I offer meditations at The Bent Willow. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. These benefits do not end when your meditation session ends with me. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and may help you manage different needs or situations in your everyday life. 

I hope to give others what they need and when they need it. 

Much love Sean


Hello I am Shari owner Echoes of the Mother International Fusion Bellydance. I am also the instructor and creator/artist of the Meditation in Movement.

Why Echoes of the Mother? This is how I can bring some light to this world we call home. Through insight, meditation, movement and dance, healing our energies. Welcome to my world where I imagine a place of higher vibration, improving the perspective of the world we live in, one person at a time. Where Spirit, Mind, and Body mix for a more positive outlook and a better way of life.


Even before bellydance, and as a Meditative Movement Artist, I use music in slow meditative movements to find my inner peace. That still resounds with me today. I’ve been dancing all my life, and in 2006 discovered Bellydance where I found a real connection to the Divine Mother Goddess, and Gaia - our Mother Earth. Although I was not “born into Bellydance”, I am definitely not a “hobbyist”. Starting with local classes, I found I needed more. Travelling into the city, about an hour-and-a-half for about half that time, you’d think I took it seriously. I continue to learn and evolve. As a Teacher, I must also remain a Student, so that I can share new material with my students. I’ve grown since the beginning, training and experimenting within rhythms and different musical styles, body movements and isolations, along with layering and EXPRESSION!! That came with a little blood, sweat, and tears – sore, happy muscles at the end of the day, but still a huge grin on my face. I’ve loved performing at various venues, learning from some of the best Toronto had to offer, as well as attending workshops from other stars visiting worldwide. What I’ve learned most from my mentors isn’t only technique, but, EXPRESSION!


Evoking emotion through body movement, a gaze, a hand movement – all very important factors in this form, which can be very different from the highly choreographed “5,6,7,8” of western dance forms. Even though I started with Modern Jazz, which is a Western dance form – highly choreographed, it still taught me the importance of musicality and movement, above technique. My bellydance has evolved from a Tribal Fusion, to a more modern/lyrical form now recently globally recognized as International Fusion. I am always learning and improving to make it relevant and exciting in today’s changing world energies. Come to our Fusion Belly Dance (International Fusion Dance) Classes! Find out what it feels like to set yourself free. Gain confidence and positive body awareness, exercise, and have fun while awakening your Inner Goddess along with your Chakras! Radiate your Spirit outwards, feel good! A truly expressive dance form, using body isolations, shimmies, expression in movement and emotion, this belly dance fusion is a combination of inspirations from the Middle East, Asian, Flamenco, Modern Urban, and lyrical dance forms. Music will be inspired from all across our Mother Earth. 

On Performing: Locally, I perform at Oshawa’s local LGBTQ Club 717 (as Echo Noir), as well as at the Durham Pagan Pride Day, and some local private functions.


I am excited to share with you what I have learned, continue to learn from my dance and life experience. Through insight, meditation, movement and dance, healing our energies. Where I imagine a place of higher vibration, improving the perspective of the world we live in, one person at a time. Where Spirit, Mind, and Body mix for a more positive outlook and a better way of life. “Love removes Fear. Fear is the absence of Love. Fear cannot exist in the Presence of Love.” -Shari Irwin, Echoes of the Mother


Coming Soon: Elemental Energies in Meditative Movement This will be a class combining The Elements to music and movement that match. In doing so, we will be using this combination to delve deep into emotional and internal issues, bringing them to the surface and letting them go. Dance is Spirit. Energy is Love. Movement is Process. Meditation is Clarity.



Milana is an extraordinarily creative and artistic individual with uncanny capacity for understanding the needs of people and animals alike.

She is third generation Eastern European Intuitive Healer with over 40 years of practical experience in Metaphysics.

She is a Light Worker, Intuitive Artist/Photographer, Author, Life Skills Coach, Enlightenment Coach, Spiritual Healer, Animal Empath, Reiki Master. Operating from a place of integrity, authenticity and empowerment, Milana has exceptionally perceptive and empathic abilities which enable her to pinpoint the exact needs of her clients. Her intuitive accuracy is uncanny and her sense of humor and positive outlook empowers and motivates those she works with.

Milana ensures that the information received by her clients provides a well-rounded holistic approach to their life and well-being. She helps individuals achieve their optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals by gently guiding them to tap directly into their Spiritual Core and the Universe. Milana is a published author and has been a guest speaker at numerous events, as well as on radio and television shows. She offers a perfect blend of Life Skills/Counselling/Coaching knowledge combined with Intuitive Gifts. Her clients experience a powerful, enlightened and unforgettable journey of transformation.

Caroline - Eagle Song Woman

Hello my name is Caroline. I provide sound healing at 528 hertz frequency, Alchemy, Light and Love Language with each session. I help embody more light -release attachments, beliefs, any and all lower vibrations. During my soul journey drumming we will raise your vibration, set your programs free, release physical pain. All this and more is done during 2 hrs with me, Caroline, known as my Spirit name: Eagle Song Woman. I am a Light Master, Mystical Alchemist, Reiki Master and Healer.

I will take us through a process that clears timeless, dimensions, grid lines, space time continuum, reconnect, revive, upgrade all your systems, DNA, provide you with tools and a processes to support a new you with a celebration of the earth's incredible bounty! A celebration of inner fire and power, a time for abundance and nourishment grow from your planted seeds.
Set your Intention and come join me

Love & Light

Eagle Song Woman.

Wynter Raven

My name is Wynter Raven, I have been raised in Pagan traditions my whole life. I am not a priestess as they are bound by religion and ordained . Where I come from, being a Witch is Free Will. I am considered an Elder Witch, to whom has been given the honour and responsibility to past on the knowledge to those who have received the Witch's call. I am Grey/White Witch. This means I work with all 5 Elements of the universe. I am a teacher, healer, protector, seeker & giver.


Our Moto is as followed: A Witches word is worth more then gold, for only truth from our lips shall be told. We do not deceive or lie as mortal man, for we live by the truth that is our stand. We say what we mean and do what we say for the truth is a blessing given freely each day. Truth is not something that everyone can see, yet truth is our bond, as we stand blessed and free. You must awaken your inner Witch before you can play with the craft.


If you are reading my bio I know that I will meet with you soon.

Love & Light Witchlings


Melody Alderton-Ballik is a Certified Sound Healing Therapist and a graduate from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. She currently facilitates sound baths for individuals and groups, and co-creates with the SoundBody Collective, a group of sound therapy practitioners in Toronto, Ontario. Melody is a Mama, and a Registered Nurse who works to bring accessible sound therapies to marginalized populations. Her expertise is in mental health, addictions, harm reduction, shadow work, and trauma informed care. Melody believes that sound is medicine and works with sound toward restoration, resilience, and a relationship with the healing properties of nature. She is a lifelong student of herbalism and works with both plant medicine and aromatherapy in her practice.




Hello my name is Tricia. I am the owner of Twilight Paint. My spiritual journey and love for art has allowed me the opportunity to share it with you all in the form of Paint Nights here at The Bent Willow. Whether you are looking for a unique night out with friends or wanting to promote teamwork with your staff I have something for you. 


Hello my name is Madeline. I am proud to say I am a physic medium of 5 generations. I have had the opportunity to be a International Radio Guest and a Co-Author. I am a dedicated Life Coach, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. I am passionate and dedicated to helping others find peace and clarity in their lives. I am offering my services at The Bent Willow. I look forward to meeting you all.

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